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Hear the Mountain’s Call

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Eagle Mountain Brothers

The mountain spirit has her eye on the cowboys of Eagle Mountain ranch who were first introduced in the Bear Mountain series. Features the stories of Jesse, Beau, Sawyer, Jasper, Randy, Cass, Finn. Remy and Colton.

Bear Mountain Brothers

The Call has been activated on nearby Bear Mountain and the mountain spirit is rewarding the nine founding brothers of the Bear Mountain homestead with Calls of their own. Features the stories of Brady, Walker, Nash, Mason, Huxley, Jake, Micah, Tate, and Miller.

Men of Moose Mountain

More Coopers have come back to Moose Mountain and the mountain spirit is rewarding them with a Call of their own. Features the stories of Judd, Rhys, Max, Kane, Trace, and the only Cooper daughter, Marta.

Moose Mountain Brothers

The mountain lore started with the Cooper family who live on and protect Moose Mountain. Features the stories of the Call for Gray, Cole, Boone, and Brooks meeting their One.

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Bull Mountain Ranch

Colton Roberts has left Eagle Mountain to find his own way on the rodeo circuit and at the new Bull Mountain Ranch for retired and rehabbed rodeo animals.  Features the stories of Colton & Leah from Eagle Mountain and a new group of family and chosen-family mountain ranchers ready to hear the mountain's call. 

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