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Marley’s Mountain Series Reading Order

First time you've heard the call? Here's a handy list of reading order to help make your way through the mountains: 
🗻Moose Mountain Brothers:
Author Seeking Mountain Man
Introvert Seeking Mountain Man
Fangirl Seeking Mountain Man
Hiker Seeking Mountain Man
Series boxset:
🏔Men of Moose Mountain:
Mountain Seeking Doctor
Mountain Seeking Pilot
Mountain Seeking Hero
Mountain Seeking Fire Chief
Mountain Seeking Veterinarian 
Mountain Seeking Princess
Mountain Seeking Santa
Series Boxset:
⛰Bear Mountain Brothers:
Wallflower Seeks Mountain Man
Reporter Seeks Mountain Man
Artist Seeks Mountain Man
Baker Seeks Mountain Man
Dancer Seeks Mountain Man
Teacher Seeks Mountain Man
Runaway Seeks Mountain Man
Little Dove Seeks Mountain Man
Cowgirl Seeks Mountain Man 
Series page:
🤠 Eagle Mountain Brothers 
Cowboy Seeks a Horse Whisperer
Cowboy Seeks a Romantic
Cowboy Seeks a Healer
Cowboy Seeks a Wild Child
Cowboy Seeks a Wife
Cowboy Seeks his Queen
Cowboy Seeks his City Girl
Cowboy Seeks his Redemption
Series page:

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